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Safety, security, reliability and luxury are paramount at All Electric Chauffeur Services. We cut no corners, we deliver the best.


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At All Electric Chauffeur Services we believe in two environments.
The first, is your environment, your comfort, your style your security.
The second is our environment, our air, our atmosphere, and our world.


Operating in the centre of London we are primarily positioned to offer our services to the London airport transfer market. Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and City airport are all within our reach. After a tiring flight, or an early start, what more do you need when traveling to, or from the airport, other than unsurpassed first class facilities, excellent service and optimum reliability.

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Any Destination

Whether you’re heading to work, the airport, an event or fancy a weekend break with immediate travel, we can accommodate every requirement.

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All Electric Chauffeur Services S-Type car … Travel in style. Arrive in style.


Get behind the wheel

Take the wheel with self-drive hire from our partners at Eden, the UK Tesla Evangelists. Offering an encyclopaedic level of insight, pure unbridled enthusiasm and utterly immersive initiations. Introducing you to a movement of innovators, early adopters and game changers.

Your Tesla. Your Time.


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You’re attending an event. You’ve made the effort. Question is, what could heighten the experience and what would make people take a second glance when you arrive? A chauffeur driven All Electric Chauffeur Services S-Type car… Travel in style. Arrive in style.

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Stress Free Travel

We know how difficult it can be estimating travel time when using the bus, the tube or any other means of public transport. That’s where we come in.

We want to eliminate stress and hassle from corporate travel. Not only will you get there refreshed and ready to go, you’ll also have had the opportunity to keep on top of business matters, as if you were in the office.